About us

Swiss Integrated Solar Systems formed in 2014 as a specialized company in the fields of Solar Energy (Photo Voltaic and Thermal Application) and Energy Efficiency. We have permanent  contact channel and cooperation protocols with many of top ranked manufactures and suppliers in these fields ; In addition to the electromechanical fields, we provide an integrated system and innovative solution in the solar energy  fields & Led Lighting supported with European & Egyptian Engineering’s large experience, we have a cooperation agreement with NCD Swiss AG (Zurich) & Bisol (Slovenia) for technical support & Joint venture projects in Egypt.

Vision, Mission and Values

We at Swiss Integrated Solar Systems aim to provide an environmentally friendly power supply. Swiss Integrated Systems supply more than 30 years experienced electromechanical staff working towards a safer and a zero-emission power supply version of the future by supplying highly quality products, & applying the international standards.